Why We Do It

It’d be a lot easier for Jake, Sarah, and Brian to just sit back and follow the traditional model of legal services. Walters Gilbreath, PLLC link has been extremely successful with offices in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. And with over 200+ 5 star google reviews and $7M+ and revenue, the founding partners have developed a business with staying power.

So why offer this service? Because there’s a gap, and a big one at that. Some people can afford representation link. For some, it makes sense to make that financial sacrifice and hire a law firm. Some cases call for that, in fact, some require it.

Other cases are so simple pro se self-represented litigants can figure things out on their own with forms and documents link available online. Those litigants shouldn’t pay for a lawyer.

What about those in between? The case is not complicated enough for full representation (or, the customer just cannot afford a lawyer), but the customer desires some guidance from a lawyer. Are there services for that individual?

Frankly, no. You could hire an extremely cheap lawyer, who is still paying for the things that make lawyers so expensive. LINK. That lawyer is just cheap because he has a poor produce. Or you could bite the bullet and pay an exorbitant amount of money for a small service.

Why not find something in between? An experienced, qualified lawyer who isn’t paying for the things that make lawyers so expensive. LINK

That’s what SpeakLegal does. If you’re looking for guidance, not representation, you want to talk to the lawyer in the coffee shop, not the office. You want a lawyer who is there for you for what you are looking for: advice and guidance. If you want representation link, there are certainly options. If you want guidance, SpeakLegal is what you are looking for