Why Lawyers Are So Expensive


The answer is actually obvious. Think about a typical law firm. There’s the lawyer, one if it a solo, many if it is a firm. But it’s not just the lawyers. There’s paralegals. Then there’s the legal assistants the paralegals. Then there’s the nice receptionist who greets you when you come in and brings you coffee. Don’t forget the runner who does deliveries for the firm. And then for the larger firms, there’s the law clerks, the interns, and the tech department.  

What else is there? Well, there’s office space – it’s nice, isn’t it? Well, it’s expensive. And there’s the furniture. The nice conference room table for depositions. The storage space. The IT room. The fax machine (yikes, some still have this!). The copier. The file room. 

Starting to understand why lawyers are so expensive? Believe it or not, the lawyer isn’t gouging you. She’s trying to pay the rent! All this for what? For legal advice. Is it worth it? In a lot of cases, it IS. The reality is, there’s no better option than having a lawyer in your corner every step of the way. But not everyone can afford it. And even those who can afford a full time lawyer, it does not always make sense to spend the money a lawyer is asking for.

What if the lawyer didn’t have to pay for all of those expensive things? What if there could be a direct link between the lawyer and the self represented litigant?

This is why we do what we do. We’re here for lawyers and litigants. The lawyer wants to make money without having to pay for everything that comes with a law firm. The litigant wants the advice he or she needs without paying for an entire law firm. 

This can happen. Explore our site and then chat with a Texas lawyer today.