Who We Aren’t

We are not a law firm. SpeakLegal is a mechanism to provide one-off legal advice for self represented litigants. We do not represent you; we’re just here to help with advice. If you are interested in representation, click here.

Would we love to represent you? Yes, of course. We’d love to be there every step of the way through your difficult legal situation. But that’s not an option for everyone. A lot of self represented litigants need guidance, not representation. We want everyone to have access to a lawyer, even if they cannot afford or do not need full representation [LINK]. It’s why we do what we do.

We are not a subscription service.  SpeakLegal is designed for one-off legal advice and guidance. There are a lot of services who offer a subscription. That is a scam. A subscription service is hoping you do not use the service and forget about it. We hope you do use our services, and come back when you need it.

Need legal advice? We’re here! Don’t need guidance? We’re not charging you! It’s really that simple.