What We Do

SpeakLegal is the leading innovator in telelegal. The health care industry has figured out telehealth. Why has the legal industry failed to discover telelegal?

At SpeakLegal, we bridge the gap between litigants and lawyers. A lot of self represented, pro se litigants want the help of a lawyer. They just can’t, or shouldn’t, pay for full representation. But a lawyer can still help.

That’s where we come in. We’re founded by board certified, family law trial attorneys. SpeakLegal connects litigants to lawyers through telecommunication without the go between of law firm overhead and expense.

How does it work? Simple. The customer simply reads our website, books a time to talk to a lawyer, pays an extremely reduced rate, and just like that, the lawyer and customer are talking. The customer can ask anything – What happens next in my case? What evidence will a judge look at? What happens at a hearing? How do me and my ex divide our property? Will the judge sign my divorce decree?

Need legal advice? We have it! We don’t represent you. We help you. You can, if you so choose, represent yourself. SpeakLegal provides you the assisted guidance to help you through the process of self representation.