Let’s be honest: we’re not saying it’s not best to have a lawyer represent you. It is. If lawyers were free, we’d all have a lawyer by our side 24/7 to negotiate the legal world. 

We find that particularly in the family law context, many want a lawyer for full representation. Is that expensive, yes! Is it worth it? We think yes!

The Founders of SpeakLegal strongly believe it in providing an alternative option for those who cannot, or do not need to, pay for full representation. For those who can afford this option? We’re there for you.

Walters Gilbreath, PLLC is a robust, innovative, and efficient law firm vigorously representing family law litigants throughout the State of Texas. Focusing on litigation and contested matters, Walters Gilbreath, PLLC offers representation in family law matters with thirteen experienced litigators at offices in Houston, Austin, and Dallas. If full representation is what you are looking for, simply contact Walters Gilbreath, PLLC here.